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Room for Rent $333/mo + internet

Looking for a third roommate to fill in an empty room on Gregory St. Total rent is 999/mo, utilities included. We plan to split internet with the folks upstairs assuming it works out, otherwise we'll be getting road runner, so...rent will be 335 - 350/mo depending on how that works. We're currently working on buying a washer/dryer for the basement, but it's also right down the road from a laundromat.

Apt. is <2 miles from UofR, and ~15 minutes from RIT.

No drinking parties and no smoking please. Pictures available.
Artoo, fire ze missiles!


It sure really is indeed boring here since I've graduated....

The only exciting activity is nerf gunfights? Pathetic

And people thought I was some socialist/terrorist threat to security/insert whatever bullshit here *rollseyes*

Well, can't say I've missed this community much.

But figured I'd stop by and say hi to all you lads and lasses out there.

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I am a nerd that graduated from RIT in 93 that owns a vintage clothing store on south ave. in the south wedge. i am in need of an intern. I can't pay you, but I will give you lots of clothing/shoes in exchange for your help. i am at my store wed+thurs 12ish till 6pm and friday from 1 to 7pm. if you want to see what you may be getting involved in you can stalk the myspace that my store has:


this is a good opportunity for photo students who may need costumes for their projects.
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hey guys: i'm not from the area but i had a quick question. my friend told me to check out the rochester house of____ but i have no idea what the last word was because he kept mumbling it. ANYWAY can someone enlighten me on what the hell he's talking about? he said i really needed to check it out

thanks in advance.